G13A turbo Suzuki Swift (ZC11S)

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G13A turbo Suzuki Swift (ZC11S)

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:58 pm

Suzuki Swift possible should be considered a modification in the country was more mature models, which fit in with the older conversion program actually has a similar place, that is to replace the original engine and a high-performance plug-turbine engine. Most Fit stronger performance after replacing K20A engine, will remain NA fortified line, but the replacement M16 engine Swift is not the case, some seek power tuners will once again join the turbine system based on the M16 engine to further enhance the driving force. Protagonist of this article although not too radical choice M16 plug turbine, but also to further enhance the power plug in a way based on the original G13 turbine engine. Honda Civic FG1 Shock Absorber

Power is modified core this car, though, in my opinion, the owner did not let some "window dressing" decor, while the appearance of the vehicle for a certain amount of transformation. The whole car is most prominent in appearance than the self widened wheel eyebrow that go out and create the feeling of throwing, and other changes in appearance are some exceptions, such as for the replacement of the HKS style grille, carbon fiber engine cover and carbon fiber empennage, etc., but the owner of the headlights have also been replaced, the replacement becomes black double angel eye headlights, Swift's eyes make this more attractive.

Plug on the G13 engine conversion technology turbine is already a relatively mature, Ford Mustang Camber Plates on our web site, there are many cases of such modification. G13 turbine retrofit hang on, I believe that the blind pursuit of high-powered and transfer large boost the value is not a good thing. There are two reasons, one internal engine is not the case with large boost the value of intensive, long-term high-load work Pistons, it is simply to let the engine shortened behavior. Second, the turbine car biggest weakness is Turbo Lag, did not have enough gas to drive a turbine would amount reaction turbine is too slow, the regional force itself has not long, plus the engine itself is not high to design force District even shorter.


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