Golf GTI retrofit APR K04 Turbo kit

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Golf GTI retrofit APR K04 Turbo kit

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:01 pm

APR dedicated K04 Turbo kit is divided into five generation Golf GTI TFSI and sixth generation Golf GTI TSI are two, Five specific K04 turbo kit contains APR, APR high-pressure fuel pump, APR fuel injectors, turbine intake manifold, an air circulation pipe, turbo pad sheet, pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve extension cord set, APR special computer programs, etc. As for the sixth generation Golf GTI's TSI engine system more progressive than the Five Dynasties, such as fuel injectors and some neighboring therefore are not required replacement, but also a lot in the selling price concessions, and because of the different engine settings, after modification Five GTI can have 322hp maximum horsepower and torque output 44kgm, and sixth generation GTI can reach the standard 334hp horsepower, power considerably enhance the rate high. Patrol TD42 Exhaust Manifold

The Golf GTI Five car reported as 2007 cars, before the car had been modified computer programs as well as other brands of the intake and exhaust strengthen, but the owners and the other riders after the exchange found that the same degree of modification, own use The brand is not and APR effect, therefore one step closer to taking into account the replacement turbine to enhance the power, he will naturally think of the APR of the brand, so they carried out the replacement turbine project.

Compared to the intake relief valve Japanese modified car with turbo, APR special items may seem insignificant, but the effectiveness is quite good, will not lose to Japanese modified items.
In fact, official power data conversion APR Not all brands VAG best performing one, TD42T1 Exhaust Manifold but the APR stressed that integrity and suitability, all with the original suite suite simply exchanged directly, do not need to make any changes action, not only installation and shorter, as long as the construction is correct can be upgraded to any power stage you want, and immediately be able to enjoy the fun after the upgrade.


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