Mazda 6 2.3S Turbo PK Accord 2.4 Turbo

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Mazda 6 2.3S Turbo PK Accord 2.4 Turbo

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:35 pm

It is worth mentioning that the first speed 7200rpm vehicle Turbocharger off the oil when reached 70km / h about 2 files already to 120km / h is too sparse gear ratio setting for the original power level, it might not take into account the performance of The performance and fuel consumption, but once the power turbine technology, and have actually become quite conducive accelerated test conditions, because accelerated testing 0 ~ 100km / h, the only one gear change can be completed, reducing wasted a lot of shift out of time.

According to this modified turbine Accord Tuner-K3 Car Clinic head Huige said Fengyun 2.4L i-VTEC engine bi-convex, turbocharger uk although it codenamed K24Z2, but some hardware architecture has regular contact with the past '06 K20Z engine type is different, the biggest differences is that segment of the portion of the exhaust head, instead of using K-series engine common separation of design, but it's like R18A engine like the one-piece design, which is already becoming cylinder exhaust header part of the head, so when they do not need additional plug-turbine exhaust to create a header, but the use of the adapter housing to the turbine exhaust header combined with the body together. aftermarket turbo


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