CR-V + Turbo (RE4)

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CR-V + Turbo (RE4)

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:10 pm

Power Systems
The third generation CR-V (RE) with a new K24Z1 engine gave up K24A cast-iron formula in favor of a full aluminum cylinder to create a cylinder block, intake manifold and oil pan are "spared" from 2007 beginning mounted on the new CR-V (RE3, RE4) body, the original K24 engine displacement is 2354cc, cylinder specifications are 87 mm x 99 mm, pair K24Z1 compression ratio 9.7: 1, the maximum horsepower 170 / 5800rpm The maximum torque 22.4Kg.m / 4200rpm, 200SX Camber Plate the engine parameter pair K24Z1 engine and sundial CR-V is powered by the same, including where the maximum output speed, but in fact the sundial used CR-V or K24A engine. Engine tuning is fundamentally determined that a typical car engine! From the engine data parameters even a sibling displacement car engine in the crowd, perhaps the greater success is that this is a pair of fuel-efficient tool for it, but the owners think fuel is not the biggest bright spot, because after automatic gearbox car owners feel the flywheel torque Output was flat, when four-wheel drive when the situation even worse, the distribution of torque distribution, the loss of the loss, so the Work shop X K24Z1 engine developed specifically for a pair of turbo-kits, the pursuit of performance is not fanaticism, but when the turbine enough to provide plenty of torque when you turn work, people ecstatic.

Before the evaluation of eight-generation Accord article will K24Z colleagues have set out a more detailed series engine, the biggest difference K24Z1, Z2, Z3 between the engine crankshaft balance in the number of blocks, K24Z1 engine crankshaft balance is only one block per cylinder, while K24Z2 , K24Z3 Each cylinder has two weights, and the balance of the crankshaft is the biggest factor restricting the rotational speed of the engine pulled, Z1 engine redline of 6500rpm, Z2 (eight generation Accord) redline 6800rpm, while sitting 200 horsepower The Z3 engine redline reach 7100rpm! 240SX Camber Plate In contrast, less of a counterweight crankshaft operation means less inertia, so K24Z1 throttle in the low speed range and practical response, and promote small turbine has a good response. It stores that without strengthening the internal engine under and engine upgrades circumstances surrounding gearbox kept 0.6BAR the following turbocharged value, which is a relatively "safe" range, at present, K24Z1 even after the oil plug TURBO , circuits are still holding the original show people. In accordance with the status quo, so that the engine continued high work load is already overwhelmed, first cooling system is among the key, you see the front of the top two symmetrical pump outlet guide, it can only be to simply ease the situation, and after the vehicle starts to maintain a certain speed crashed into the wind cooling Fortunately, if in a long stop and go in urban areas or are under a real effort to climb ...... cold weather changes will actually use, as well as the difference between day and night is obvious.

Because this car is just plug the turbine, the other part is completely original, including shock absorbers, brakes, wheels, tires, and so are the number one original stuff.
This is a four-wheel drive models. It is said that this CR-V with a system called "A-DPS timely four-wheel drive" is very clever, when the computer detects the bad condition of the tire running road conditions will start all-wheel drive, to ensure safety, as long as the tire appear 1/4 turn slip within the system will perceive, immediately actions torque distribution.

If the average car like this "top-heavy" modification certainly will cause knowledgeable users who repeatedly argued, different positions to see the same thing with a different point of view it is that there are differences, but you know there are RV RV horsepower demand, SUVs also have off-road vehicles of high torque required for the CR-V this with ambition, we were still "half car" point of view to look at it, "ambition" is not authentic off-road heart, because anyway What she would not climb down the ravine without any track, and plug the turbo just blindly need to increase the torque output.


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