Suzuki Swift handling, appearance modification accessories collection

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Suzuki Swift handling, appearance modification accessories collection

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:13 pm

Masquerade Legend has it that 2,500 years ago the Celts living in Ireland to October 31 for the whole year on the last day, November 1 is the first day of the whole year, this day will bring death to the spirits of dead people back to the world, to find a substitute rebirth, Celtic people this day would look like dressed as ghosts to drive these spirits of the dead, along with priests, this is the origin of Europe Halloween masquerade. In fact, not only at the masquerade organized Halloween, masquerade today become a Party theme, the scene of the people must be transvestites. audi a4 oil pump conversion kit The protagonist is not the people of this article, and Suzuki Swift, Swift is in fact a relatively Variety of models, in foreign countries, there are a lot of aero company also launched a number of its aero package, in order to allow it to proceed transvestites, if Swift party participate modification, it may make people think this is a masquerade Swift, these modification parts are modified components appear below in the section of our website being tried.

First SWIFT SPORT aero version, a lot of aero manufacturers are sold in the country, with a little outside to throw the wheel arches, the overall impression is very rich sports atmosphere. VW Passat oil pump replacement
This is surrounded by Swift JWRC Special Edition, the kit includes a front pump after pump handles, side skirts and so on, the surround and no widening wheel arches, pure broken JWRC special edition is modeled on the style of foreign production.

In addition to some of the overall change of aero, you can also look over the original, adding a small enclosed to create a different effect, the figure is surrounded by a small swifts, using ABS materials, although the price is a little expensive, but the hardness and toughness are very good.
Also part of the rear wing aero, catch aerodynamic design, can guide the air flowing through the vehicle, after the tail, under a certain pressure, the vehicle at high speed, because the flow of air will not produce certain lift, causing the body instability.


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