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Swift modification

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:10 pm

This section was originally converted the stores Swift race car, so the whole car engine modification Boss mesh chassis strengthening the feet and hard rubber, road feel more clear, precise, but lost a little ride comfort, modification ZAG RSQ Hi-Low Kit avoidance shock, the use of high and low tone soft and hard Jieke fully functional design, to improve directional stability and high-speed cornering. Boss Head strengthen brake kit by forging process of the six-piston calipers, not only high strength, it is lightweight reach, coupled with 286mm ventilated discs with drawing lines VTTR brake pads, preach with the braking force to improve traffic safety. As riders stores that require modification of the tire unequivocal, even if the road is still used ADVAN A050 tires streaked melt, but such a large power output, but also the level of the corresponding tire was enough. turbo suppliers

Swift dedicated Boss Head brakes intensive group, for the six-piston, 286mm ventilated discs with drawing lines VTTR brake pads, sharp braking force significantly enhance traffic safety.

This "pink shirt" no matter where are the focus of attention, the body into the body after just do it painted pink, floral design painted with pink really is a match, but converted stores still can not explain why the need to painting adding "piston" in interior design ... really called "chaos in the orderly", Sabelt large concave steering wheel, Boss mesh bucket seats, engine monitoring instruments etc are required to install the feature race car, but converted stores The car has a colorful life, not only the installation of a stereo amplifier, speakers modifications can even see the vacuum tube, listening or 80s lyrical songs too! coilovers

Competitive car interior demolition should not bare it? This car was filled with pink shirt thing, it seems that the leader drove to listen to music, watch the meter, talk radio, sometimes even correcting computer program ...

Dig a hole above the glove box to put inside the vacuum tube, deputy seat reloading amplifier, power pink shirt not only large, but also play a big sound.


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