350Z conversion vs. 6MT + Twin Turbo

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350Z conversion vs. 6MT + Twin Turbo

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:40 pm

In order for the hub can match with the body, oranges brother ordered a 10mm front filter 50mm wide special pad, and in order to avoid access to the underground parking lot, when passing on the uneven road and aero damage, especially easy with where contact with the ground, installed stainless steel iron, to enhance the front bumper and side skirts strength and violence turtle kit with the original sheet metal parts make up the central slit foam rubber, while reducing distortion caused by vibration, On the other hand enhance the strength of the sheet metal parts, according to oranges brother said that as long as the result is not high-speed collision, the upper body sheet metal parts are not damaged. Coilovers

Although fitted with a 10mm wide tread mat, a wide 18-inch front wheels 9J still somewhat retracted, from this perspective it is clear that wide-bodied style of foreign expansion.

Sure enough, after the completion of appearance is consistent with the requirements of the owner, coilovers for sale smooth smooth curves of the body, with the convex muscles, proper demeanor show ran surplus, although the magnitude of external expansion around 20 and 30 centimeters respectively, but in the modified deliberately modified lines at the stores, but has an elegant but not exaggerated, supple without wild visual tension, as if a courtly gentleman, full of restrained mature atmosphere, only pity is that this car is still power to maintain the original, if the output performance a little improvement, this car is like a Japanese ultra-running internally and externally. coilover suspension kit

After the facelift front wheels 9J Work VR series 18J, the former with 245 / 35R19, rear 275 / 35R19 Michelin Pilot Sport Ⅱ run tires, and electronic shock absorbers Tein group, whether comfort or handling performance are lifting a lot.


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