Turbo K! Kia K5 modified turbine case

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Turbo K! Kia K5 modified turbine case

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:44 pm

Some owners and modification steps like this car K5 behalf of the domestic industry so modified handful of people. But compared to those full of cars pull flowers, red and blue colored angel devil eyes, stood "boom boom bared bared bared da da bared," the car, the car has been fairly standard K5, and compare Eau appearance does not mean was saluted police comrades, though in the intake network will also learn GTI wipe in a circle lipstick, but no one will have a great universe apprehended in the original cabin. performance car parts

Chevrolet K5 main market is sure to have a higher roof to make more ample headroom. However, the advantages of this space in this car seems to be a disadvantage, innate body "disadvantage" can not be changed, while in order to take into account through sex, the owner gave up select twisted teeth. But then again, what chassis magnetic cutter teeth did not hurt, there are a few twisted magnetic teeth had tears in his eyes was not the deceleration zone.

Dynamic part
θ series engine was originally Hyundai mainly on mid-size sedan with an engine of series. engine parts Back in 2002, the first generation of θ in the balance of power and engine fuel economy get Mitsubishi and Daimler Chrysler • Two car manufacturers favored to achieve the transfer of technology and equipment in the two companies following displacement 2.5L on models. And that section of the world famous GEMA engine is improved from θ series engines come. The second generation engine θ most notable feature is equipped with a dual CVVT continuously variable valve timing technology, which is the exhaust and intake valves are used CVVT engine technology. (Late K5 2.0L models use is Nu series engine, 2.4L models still equipped with θ series engine) which is Japanese and Korean family cars use less reason turbocharging technology, which has already reached a high fuel cost, and the cost savings are more than the use of turbo technology.

But in the eyes of the owners, K5 is still a "small horse-drawn carts." Blessing turbine plan immediately put on the agenda, TD04H kit from BOOSTEC by upgrading turbo body to achieve better results, a variety of custom tubing and banana head, so this Korean cars also achieved a turbo kit Dedicated car. The current boost the value set at 0.9Bar, after the cylinder has not been strengthened, and 2.0 plus a "T" is good enough.


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