Mazda 3 MPS PK SRR Focus 2.3L

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Mazda 3 MPS PK SRR Focus 2.3L

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 16, 2015 5:57 pm

This Cosworth aluminum intake manifold, not only the shape of many of the more original steel products looking for high performance output of the engine speed when the more absolute positive effect, not to be missed is the owner of Dynamic Focus strengthen items.

But since the so-called big change, of course not only dynamic part of the engine to meet the transplant in order to fully realize that potential with the engine, SRR but spent a lot of effort, the upper and lower half of the engine housing to strengthen a considerable degree, such as 282-degree Cosworth The Hi-Cam, Cosworth aluminum intake manifold, Cosworth intake valve spring and caps, increase the throttle, 421 Stainless Steel header, SCT modified computer, lightweight aluminum Plymouth disk, etc., through the above-mentioned kit After the installation, a 2.3L The Focus can be broken oil factory 6800rpm rotational speed, postponed to 8500rpm, about to play the 230 maximum horsepower level, 0 ~ 100km / h Last want to run nearly six seconds is not a problem , speed should also have 240km / h performance, plus the car weight after weight and strengthen over the chassis, in the mountain face more powerful opponents, it would not be easy to defeat. Mazda 6 MZR DISI Turbocharger

SRR whole section of the exhaust pipe are all developed specifically for Focus kit.

When during the test drive before 2.0L naturally aspirated cars of Mazda3 Sport, hanging on for a solid reaction has a profound impression, Subaru Crankshaft this further contact with this more robust performance of MPS cars, hearts somewhat foundation, in fact, after the road overall performance does not disappoint. The vehicle suspension system design, while not the most suitable corner double A-arm structure, but before the MacPherson, rear multi-link suspension, but the original is very hard, between the subframe and the body, adding a high intensity gum base, lower arm using hydraulic cushion, both to increase the driver of the vehicle dynamic control, while maintaining the characteristics of low noise, low vibration. Front and rear anti-roll bar, compared with 26 / 25mm size, can effectively inhibit cornering roll situations.


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