Honda FIT modification

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Honda FIT modification

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:59 pm

Although VIP surface is classified as visual kei, but it is actually kind of mental and spiritual aspects of conversion, like dressing diversification philosophy, VIP is an extension of the owners and the self-consciousness style, so no one provides VIP play have to be King , chrysanthemum festival, stones, mink, as long as the texture of the original car, do a considerable degree of image promotion, can called the VIP Style. So just like power conversion points as mild and severe, and to match properly, start with the appearance of VIP begin play without having to spend too much money, but also make your car still refreshing. Nissan Exhaust Manifold

The biggest visual kei fatal injury is afraid to imitate, Crave composite materials grille, not only first-class visual effects, generally it is difficult to imitate large package store.

After reading slightly modified Crave Fit, and then look at the most luxurious VIP visual kei Fit. performance parts Solio in VIP circles to place the iron warrior VIP car industry, again with the best at K-Style, the Fit decorating as Hollywood movie stars as luxury limousine ride! Iron Samurai VIP Fit car body, filled with Crave aero, in addition to re-impose black plating imported from Japan super eye-catching 17-inch ax loop, brand mirror six-piston calipers VIP Crage not only first-class visual effects, braking force also raise a lot; changed to HID headlights fisheye crystal diamond sparkle but not surprising, to imitate W221 S-Class aristocratic style color taillights, is showing a high degree of mastery of the VIP designer themes, and Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that dropped "Tibetan round" of chassis height, but to buy gas pressure shock absorbers spend maker Air Rex top items only way to do it, to keep the road between normal height, stopping down to one thanks.


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