Z4 M Coupe modification

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Z4 M Coupe modification

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:57 pm

Entire brake system is also extensive use of aluminum metal to reduce weight. After the first four piston front calipers distribution with two 345mm rear brake discs 321mm diameter drilling; it is worth noting that the brake pads used by the US most prestigious brands PFC carbon metallic materials products, this is PFC carbon metallic brake pads and the top brand Auto racing and sports and production of ultra-high-performance products, world-class events in the FIA ​​/ GT, WTCC, ETCC, JTCC etc. are specified using the product, showing TC Kline Racing emphasis on the Z4 coupe. Foot wear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup series of top-level high-performance athletic product tires, make sure that regardless of dry and wet pavement can comfortably control; front tire size of 265 / 30R18, because the rear wheels are driving wheels, so as to obtain a greater drive without loss of power, and use 295 / 25R18 wide tires, so width, catch Italian supercar - the Ferrari F430; 18-inch diameter wheels to some extent been able to maintain the rapid start performance of the vehicle. Credit is equally TC Kline Racing lightweight six-spoke wheels, a braking force to the brake save. audi s3 1.8 turbocharger

Since the original M Power rigorous engine have been made to strengthen the foundation fairly lightweight, so TC Kline Racing continues to press the power secret only: put aluminum light flywheel, plus pure handmade thin-walled stainless steel exhaust system, and replace light battery, making this a further 12 M Power engine horsepower revenue reached 342. TC Kline Racing almost all of the work are "slim", the whole car through a lot of weight after the procedure, the Z4 coupe vehicle weight of less than 1.1 tons, compared with the same power and the same drive system BMW M3, vehicle weight How 0.2 tons lighter or power increase, naturally all the time of acceleration is dominant.

TC Kline Racing for the Z4 M coupe specially-made to RECARO seats, this seat is made of a special leather, Renault megane turbocharger slip resistance class, weight is also very light, but apart from sports can be comfortable driving experience. Of course, the car seat RECARO born with a certain package is definitely power. This RECARO seats are designed for use with a seat on the Porsche Carrera GT is very similar. Terms of the suspension, TC Kline Racing has KONI Special Offers and having 3 sections with adjustable shock absorber with Germany VVS lightweight steel alloy spring, the Z4 obtain more precise and sharp cornering performance.


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