BMW Z4 modification

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BMW Z4 modification

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 5:05 pm

BMW Z4, people liked an entry small car, thanks to the entry level of more than 50 W of the "conscience" Price (read a quote of US imperialism really ***), but having said that, 50W buy a BMW sports car to open out still quite pull the wind, the cost is very expensive, but also because of this, more and more street Z4, Z4 is no longer a symbol of a super personality, then how are we to do? Yes! Change up ah! engine parts

In fact, the car is not complicated changes, such as we now say this. Thanks to the original mid-engined Z4 (yes, the engine center of gravity between the two shafts should be regarded as a mid-engine), the center of gravity closer to the center, rear-wheel drive, plus the BMW brand tuning out of control, as long as you get used to this long front of the control, I feel pretty cool cool da, keep them coming Needless to say, it would like to stand out in the general Z4, we must make efforts. Previously mentioned manipulation is already very good, so the appearance of how Move is a science, and change color is a relatively simple way (although there are quite a lot of attention to, to see how you change it), in short, color Film "pia" one of my most stylish fashion Z4 on fashion, and this is no exception, want to pull the wind would Chromic, a change from the previous dark blue that sense of violation and aging, light blue upper body, is M Performance does not have a little tune?

Lust Z4 came out, then what need to change it? Of course, the hub it! This direction is a lot more emphasis on the entry of players, coilovers for sale I will not speak to what control effect, on this form, rejection of ordinary Z4 good enough a few blocks of the bar. Original 17-inch Swap, ACE18 inch waist, this car is the C903 models, 18 * 8.5, the combination of matte black plus bright side, pull open out mad cool handsome, this should be the proper character Z4 .

I changed the wheels had to change the tire, in order to match the new shoes, a new tire is required before and after each upgrade to become 225 / 40R18 and 255 / 25R18 Michelin, improve grip and match the new hub, as is the rear-drive, rear tires Generally width wider than the front tires, steering stability and grip will be more better.


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