Range Rover modification

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Range Rover modification

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:10 pm

Armrest box except USB / AUX port and cigarette lighter this conventional configuration, but also with a small refrigerator, ready to go from iced drinks. Door trim also comes with hidden storage box, very compact design. Panoramic imaging system for security upgrade is obvious. The British national treasure audio brand Meridian, the whole car 28 speakers plus a subwoofer, to create a theater-level sound. 240SX Adjustable coilovers

Like the back and the front is equipped with dual-zone automatic air conditioning and seat heating, but no chair massage. The second generation all-terrain feedback system with a variety of driving mode selection, when using Auto mode, the computer will automatically adjust according to the feedback terrain road conditions. Air conditioning panel will display integrated in the three knobs, more compact layout.

The new Range Rover interior space is satisfactory, front and rear are more spacious, with a separate front seats are also adjustable armrest. Very flat rear floor improves passenger comfort in the middle position. Trunk space is also very abundant, the cover away, after the rear seats down, you can put your little friends are into the luggage compartment, absolutely no pressure.

Power, real shot models equipped with the 5.0L V8 supercharged engine, maximum power of 375kW / 6000-6500rpm, evo 9 coilovers maximum torque of 625N ยท m / 2500-5000rpm. Transmission part is matching 8-speed manual gearbox, replace the original 6AT, so that shift more smoothly. Engine air intake is increased to the position of the hood, the hood through the inside passage mezzanine intake air, improve the wading depth.

Comments: The Sign of the Range Rover supercharged 5.0L administrative guidance version than the top with the respected Creation version low 360,000, the main difference in the adaptive cruise, chair massage and rear LCD screen. Currently 4S shop for a car hard to find the status of so many consumers anxious to mention car wistfully do nothing, in fact, later in the regulation of such non-car is also an option, the price is lower than the 4S shop a lot, and there are car supply, if not very concerned about the quality, then, can consider.


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