Honda Civic Powered By K20A

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Honda Civic Powered By K20A

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:54 pm

Dynamic aspects of the current engine modification has basically done the car, but there are some parts failed to improve, for example, cooling section, the cooling oil has been put on the Trust's cooling system, where basic worries, but the water cooling aspect, because there was no Finding the right tank while still using the original, often pushed to turn the car owners say that this is a pressing problem. Overall, the fall K20A is nothing new, but this works in a considerable part of Refurbisher and owners of the original, which is creativity previously mentioned! GT1749V turbocharger

The car's suspension system has been currently put stirred suspension kit from SILVER`S of teeth, the kit has 32 segments firmness adjustment function, but at the moment the car because it is a daily scooter owners, so the hardness is set to softest position, the actual test found that at this time, although comfort is very good, but the speed at pulling force encountered a significant bounce when relatively weak, but such a situation is the speed beyond 140 km later, usually one hundred km below the stop and go, this shock absorber can be said are more than competent.

Large four-piston brake calipers from SILVER`S, with AP Racing similar appearance, but the braking effect has its linear side, but very good test of the road, there is no opportunity to try this instant response capability of the braking system.

Mechanical upgrades course mesmerizing, but the change is built whom accident, audi a6 turbocharger who in turn is converted creative deeply admire. With original dashboard trip computer needs to work properly, if the change of the engine, so naturally not match the speed signal and the speed signal. Some people would consider using an external meter reading, or even replace sundial instruments, but Japan's FD2 or a new car, it is difficult to find a suitable dress goods, since the engine from DC5, that Type-R's dashboard naturally get all the information. Refurbisher the original one-meter trim removed, then cut down on their own mold, to form the core of a much larger area DC5 into them, and the overall feeling is very complete, very ingenious.


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