Honda Integra "Type R" (DC5)

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Honda Integra "Type R" (DC5)

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:40 pm

As part of the most controversial DC5 - chassis suspension, which has the seven generations CIVIC TYPE-R common chassis with the toe angle control type MacPherson strut, rear double A-arm suspension design. DC5 front suspension is a failure, which is due to the steering tie rod to form a long-term effect of the damper torque, resulting in shock absorber life is greatly reduced, so the bottom supporting Type R facelift is intended to increase the rigidity of hanging around, Try to make the chassis suspension in a relatively stable state, as far as possible to reach its peak performance.

Green coating suspension is very eye-catching, familiar riders virtue to recognize is Tein shock. In addition there is a better hardness, but also further reduce the body center of gravity makes the control has been a substantial leap. ignition coils
And shock apprenticeship with the door, the owners choose this Tein anti-roll bars in suppressing the vehicle body width and shock protection made a great contribution.

This feature is built DC5 greater respect within the Type R cage transformation makes the original unexciting interior filled with Racing atmosphere. In addition to the replacement of the red carpet, Type R White dashboard, Type R logos, Defi monitoring instruments, RECARO sport seats, etc., but also to re-mold production center console (due to the Integra Type R right-hand version, which sets US Version RSX left rudder version, in the stream with the Type R's gearbox, the need to re-adjust the position).

Since the flow with the Type R's gearbox, right rudder left rudder needs to be adjusted to the position, while the owners want to revert to the Type R Block shift patterns, so in control after re-mold to right rudder trim Type R boards for the prototype, mirroring the shape of the rudder to the left, then PP material. adjustable coilovers

It is put under the feet of the front passenger position, in the inside of possession greddy e-manage Platinum Edition PC, adjust the computer for fuel quality mainland. The computer decorated with velvet, into the interior, while the details of the Department also shows the owner is a perfectionist car person.


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