Honda Civic (FA1)

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Honda Civic (FA1)

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:42 pm

And general printing refit K20A different, and arguably very different, because the machine via a pair of modified domestic sector, the car industry has known JUN strong build. JUN itself has been sharply rising popularity in the country (including Hong Kong), JUN lemon logo often appears in the game to win good grades, lemon yellow in the minds of racing fans has reached even higher than the red roof of the machine symbol. E36 Control arms

JUN handling machines will not be simple to complete, JUN K20A head has illustrated this point. On the field to be replaced often high angle camshaft (HI CAM) to extract the ultimate horsepower high number of revolutions, not to mention the protagonist is focusing on open TEC power K20A? Tuners to put K20A JUN produced Type 4 camshafts, valve springs, spring attendance, and both are in pursuit of maximum intake quantity K20A ensure high-speed Me! At the same time, bear the greater pressure of the piston assembly and piston kit Forged piston rod replaced by reinforced named "F1 PISTON KIT", the production process, the piston crown treatment can not be ignored. Of course, the height of the crankshaft is balanced final JUN strengthen routine engine operation, plus K20A RACING sump join, in addition to the intake and exhaust system is basically a pair of Complete Engine, you can take it slowly?

When the engine is cooled topic strengthening the heart, high speed not lower than the NA engine cooling topic TURBO machinery, oil, Peugeot 307 turbocharger circuit supply system after the computer with the adjustment is completed, K20A million transfer speed of the machine can achieve a certain degree that cooling energy No properly handled.

Before the interview a few stations fall into K20 Honda machines, almost all chose the six-speed gearbox to match, after the original five-speed gearbox will restrict the power of the final play, matching engine and gearbox is very important. So DC5 who served in the former six-speed manual gearbox (codenamed Y2M3) together with the K20A implantation, but the replacement of the CUSCO LSD, axle length problem appears to be urgently addressed. In this case, the solution is modified by using the left FD2, the right choice DC5 axle, axle spline is consistent though (just axle diameter has been increased), this match was a little hard to imagine, but confirmed the results of the competition Their work with the tacit.


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