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Ciimo Type R Honda Way

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:56 pm

Dongfeng Honda Ciimo since listing, a red head all the Honda fans to buy licensed Type R car untie the knot but also how much some. FD1 spend Ciimo sundial after the appearance package, no longer staring helplessly bells and whistles that a vehicle demonstration and fascinating Type R car magazine, but rather can be honest with FD2 his mind to do relatively close contacts, especially the appearance of the party are. Although Ciimo FD2 just on appearance and somewhat similar, but the modification enthusiasts, this is not a small gospel, after all, has never been a licensed Type R in the domestic market too, seat leon turbocharger but Ciimo listed for FD2 fans Unfortunately, it can be considered the lucky, even though the new wine in old bottles. Anyway, modification enthusiasts will Ciimo converted into FD2 time without having to look up and down too much effort, it would be to the east of the vast number of fans a gift to a red head. And after having Ciimo, various modified parts can be easily purchased in the market, do not worry about all the way across the ocean from Japan's change piece by mail courier devastated by violence.

For the purchase of Dongfeng Honda Ciimo people who, in part, to buy directly into FD2 look like, Ciimo at the time of listing the name of "independent research" on the cover, but in small series, in fact, nothing more than direct Taiwan version of the appearance package FD1 misappropriated over, and then put some of the minus minus about, for example, multifunction steering wheel, Octavia 1.8 turbocharger and then into the original eight-generation Civic continues ..... only production line in the automotive industry, change the appearance It is most likely a project, as long as those in the preceding paragraph is consistent with the installation buckle, you want to look back on how they change how they change member, and most of the appearance of the member are using engineering plastics and other non-metallic materials, you likely do not ? Of course, since it is the eight-generation Civic Change skins, then Ciimo belly is assembled with the domestic version of the eighth generation Civic as the R18A engine displacement of 1799cc, in body size, wheelbase and other aspects of fundamental and eight-generation Civic is tantamount But for the red head fanatical fans, which obviously is not met, the Type R Who is there so much appeal it.


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