Racing: SUBARU GC8

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Racing: SUBARU GC8

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:59 pm

Brake and walking upgrade
In order to make the vehicle braking system capable of performing a high frequency of braking action needed now produced by AP PRO 5000+ six-piston brake kit, whichever produces the characteristic tyrannical brake, to serve as a brake safety post. This also is a modified high-powered models are happy with the performance brake products, and its stable, durable performance in most of the track has already been certified Japan. Rear brake, the choice of models with factory rear brake system, just carry out additional transfer bridge can make the system work in this car, but also a tool to improve vehicle braking force.Infiniti G35 Coilovers

Travel system, the selection of secondary Kosei's multiple series models designed for athletics, lightweight aluminum wheels K1 Racing TS, for the K1 5 × 114.3 PCD values? Racing TS installed in this car, the front of the vehicle will Use the appropriate pitch, a larger PCD values? and external expansion wheelbase, more conducive to safe driving performance modifications horsepower vehicles. When it comes to driving aspects, but also how little work had a great tire? In this part of the car vehicle selected athletic beloved A048 slicks, it has excellent running performance, which has long been a household name things.

Lightweight vehicle trunk internal request, the interior can remove the "extra" parts have been rare, the most common is the change of competitive products on the Refit. First, the eye has Sparco produced three-spoke steering wheel, the advantages of using a steering wheel made of matte fabrics have a strong non-slip, this is also very suitable for car arena. Console plus the most distinct feature of monitoring instruments, the purpose is for the driver to provide more accurate, real-time readings of vehicle operating conditions, in order to make the correct drivers timely action. There is also a more important part is to protect the hands from COBRA, the same lightweight models designed specifically for athletics, and low center of gravity, emphasizing high-strength bucket seats wrapped in performance, comes with four-point safety belts for the driver to provide comprehensive protection.

Without unspeakable, this is simply a modification 4G63 rods of the four generations of racing WRX STI! All in all, says its measures on the basis of modified high-powered engine on JUN 2.2 Kit to the beginning, and then follow up with a good transmission, the steel of the body has its own weight to a minimum, while hanging, walking, etc. each modification to upgrade the system. This set every component of the vehicle converted to a four-generation WRX STI, its near-perfect conversion to create only 1 minute 44 seconds to finish the Zhuhai track of impressive results! That people can not sigh again and again. Thus also believe that the general's GDA / B I am afraid it is difficult to near its body up. Most worth mentioning is that this is a relatively rare domestic fourth-generation WRX STI (no left-hand drive version), so this is more worth a look!


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