Subaru Impreza (GD9)

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Subaru Impreza (GD9)

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:13 pm

Suspension system
A little attention to the words of Japanese professional tournament, mitsubishi turbocharger BUDDY CLUB should be the one you are most familiar brands. The work on the Impreza front MacPherson, rear multi-link suspension system shock kit is produced BUDDY CLUB D-1 Spec Damper. Products using monocular design heritage BUDDY CLUB over 15 years of professional experience in automobile athletics, with 15 adjustable damping, a wide range of focus adjustment, there is enough strength to support high-powered Impreza run various types of Track, corresponding EJ207, This is new for suspension kit deserved. Meanwhile, D-1 Spec Damper is also available to help you walk in the general stability of the road, of course, you have to properly adjust damping shock machine.

Travel, braking system
Engine, transmission are derived from STI, it also seems to flow two cylinder became a matter of course after the first four of a set of STI. Now, with the new multi-piston cylinder dish plus open pit work. Because the benefits of a shared body, two cylinder models with ease of installation mutual flow is very high, no doubt, to reduce the self-bypass possible errors. Second, after the first four cylinder clamp foot strength, which in turn has already been proven in STI who make gift Impreza driving safety.

Speaking perfect, except the tyrannical engine power, where people lack the eye had lit domineering appearance? Yes, this is an externally modified cars, car, new entrants to the front lip, side skirts, rear spoiler, the three Impreza in beautifying the appearance, it would also focus on improving the vehicle's high-speed driving stability . BMW Coilovers

STI-specific dashboards, DEFI HUD, DEFI pointer instrument plug-series, DEFI Link Display multifunction digital display, HKS EVC adjust / monitor, BRIDE bucket ...... people are very familiar with the brand names gathered to give users the best quality assurance, as well as the owners to provide more accurate, multi-channel readout.

It is easy to find, and this may be a good material for modified car shed. There is no evidence to say off the brand name is a good car, but at least we believe that brand-name quality assurance. What is perfection? Dream high performance EJ207 engine, drive and safety of both the DCCD 6MT transmission, enough Chende from EJ207 suspension system, since they both run close maintained intensive braking systems, exterior styling, interior no one left . Perfect? The obvious answer is to make a pile of these brands work Impreza who worked closely to help Impreza reached almost demanding perfection.


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