BC Racing Lexus GS350 Shock Absorbers

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BC Racing Lexus GS350 Shock Absorbers

Post by Admin on Fri May 08, 2015 5:41 pm

Lexus GS series has quite a distinct personality in the family legend, stylish, flowing lines, the interior layout is reasonable, fine workmanship, a strong sense of technology, it is left to the small series the most intuitive evaluation. Fourth generation of GS350 (L10), especially, its equipped with advanced 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve 2GR-FSE (V6) engine with dual intelligent variable valve timing control system (VVT-i) The maximum output power of 317 horsepower, 0-100 km / h acceleration time of 6.3 seconds. The fourth generation of the GS350 F SPORT is complete acceleration 0-100 km per hour in 6.0 seconds, leading the same level of other models. Undoubtedly, the Lexus is to use these technologies and production processes tell us, GS350 is a high-performance luxury sedan. Eclipse rods

It is subject to a lot of praise in the vehicle market, while at the same being open modified community of all ages, to know the Lexus GS has a lot of cars in the Japanese VIP style car modified circle of fans, but in fact, the development of fourth generation L10 only people to see the performance and luxury side, F SPORT version is equipped with Lexus dynamic handling system (LDH), in improving vehicle lateral movement of the reaction force, enhanced steering stability, both static and dynamic handling of the promotion drive It has helped, and GS350 can control feelings through their promotion of good potential for conversion, so conversion manufacturers into financial and human resources to develop the lift means, let the stars of the modified community more selective.

Recently, the brand from Taiwan BC Racing V1 for the GS350 has developed a street version of stir teeth shock absorbers, the first in the global market this product, once again with a proven ability to develop their own. Speaking V1 Series shock absorbers, saab 9-5 turbocharger I believe that many senior fans are already familiar modifications, this is one of the products BC Racing Suspension series of very sophisticated design, which has a height-adjustable and 30 adjustable damping function, which two functions with the adjustment, the availability of more suitable for their handling. Here you should note that, BC produced the cutter teeth shock absorbers with a full-length twisted tooth design, which can guarantee the various vehicle heights, are guaranteed machines preload shock damping stroke and springs length, ensure the stability of shock absorber function of the play, however, here to point out that, after the modification will not stir tooth body dampers to minimize handling higher, undeniably, the ride height lowered pole point, you can get good results, but the vehicle suspension system components will cause varying degrees of damage, if adjusted accidentally, also reduces handling and even a security risk. Kit LOW if the owner really just to get less and VIP style, small touches Recommend that you use a pneumatic shock absorber is more reasonable.


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