Golf 6 appearance evolution

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Golf 6 appearance evolution

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:02 pm

Static appearance will be able to see that this is one of the owners are willing to put in some effort, you can imagine this car is inherent and usability should be equally impressive. This is just a routine means of transport for the main purpose of modified cars, so all parts are modified go beyond that, we often say about what it means rational modification - Demand modification. In addition to the appearance of the owners of the rest of the action is basically to improve the car's driving experience, or in the "loaded to force" look when passing improved overhead, such as reducing the body's shock absorbers, such as cooperation in the bar after the exhaust tail section, filled to the rim such as multi-piston brake package.

The course is a good thing, Bilstein B12 though for suits, G35 Adjustable Coilovers but must be on top of the original supportive, handling natural rise. VTTR six-piston calipers with 335mm perforated discs, although I think some excess capacity, and worried brake master cylinder can keep up with times, but the actual ride down the braking effect is still felt good. 1.4T of 130 although obviously diminished, but fortunately torque performance is good, very easy city driving, the owner is also very satisfied with the original power, so the engine compartment only forge pressure relief valve, HPA reinforced plastic engine and brake master cylinder top three changes.

In no suitable rim width or ET, the loading force is necessary in case of failure of the wheel spacer is JiuXinWan. Some people say that the security of 15mm thickness map it? We all know that the European car with Japanese car wheels locking mode is somewhat different, Japanese cars for bolts, screws for European cars, so like this car, European car can use an extension to make up for the extra screw thickness, and the Japanese car To worry about how many nuts can bite teeth will not affect safe driving.

Bilstein B12 suspension kit cutter teeth, although not as many tricks as shock absorbers, but finished slightly lower body and improve handling of the mission has been quite good. E36 Coilovers
This is just a civilian appearance of ordinary golf modified R20 cases not much exciting ingredient, may be difficult to enter a critical discernment you, but you can actually feel for the owners to change the car when my passion, and think of myself as the protagonist You go empathy consider what parts of each site, the owner why so choose, change and how do you mix, you may also be able to feel the same joy with the owners of the share, which is converted charm and fun Oh!


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