Modified GOLF front brake system

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Modified GOLF front brake system

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:27 pm

Domestic Golf (GOLF) relative to those of high-performance version of the foreign countries, Eclipse rods such as GTI, 2.8 VR6, R32, with its brake system can only meet Nissan needed, if the vehicle has been modified to a slightly less.

Modified braking system is the key to active safety equipment, so even if the original car to replace the high-performance brake system itself will also have greatly improved safety performance, of course, if it is upgraded powertrain and suspension systems of vehicles, you must modify the brake system, the car to be fast, but also maintained close.

In view of this, saab 9-5 turbocharger MODI reporter group for everyone to bring a series of domestic GOLF installation process before modified suspension system. GOLF using this six-piston front brake systems from Italy TAROX produced, brake discs are drawing a line 320mm ventilated discs.

GOLF ago when modified brake system must be connected claw should be replaced. The left side of the original car horn, brake cylinder mounted directly on the horns dry, black on the right is the original parts, the difference between the two models is from BORA 1.8T mounting position on the left.


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