400mm carbon fiber discs, 571hp are not rivals

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400mm carbon fiber discs, 571hp are not rivals

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:01 pm

The other a prominent baby candy red Disc performance full point --D2-plant, M.Benz SLS AMG replaced the factory as the rim is not hesitate to put their own D2 Forged products, code-named HS-01 Ipomoea shape Although fairly basic, but it is currently among the most use of the ram to impose candy paint coating, Disc whole piece forged alloy reservations colors, again sprayed red transparent gold oil (Candy), so that part of the exhibit bright Disc aluminum colors red and pale face, which is one of the most popular way of painting nowadays, and complete more three-dimensional compared to a single color, with a white coating on the body, looking ahead Disc more eye-catching. performance parts

Basic models is unbeaten models, classic styling is one hundred Ipomoea see not greasy, red candy paint use the oil to create a translucent aluminum lines background is quite ram.
The hub body also shift to interlocking design, the glance is fixed not see any screws, it is like the feeling of monolithic, but a large number of small J ET with out deep lip but is unable monolithic forged wheels presentation of the results, so now quite popular in Taiwan and outside this mix of methods, but this group as the hub of its hub and D2 Forged same through national certification.

6.2L V8 naturally aspirated engine, maximum power and can squeeze 571hp 66.3kgm torque, High performance parts the power part is almost no need to impose modifications, so you only have enough for a down were improved, lightweight forged wheels and larger piston brake calipers systems are currently the focus of the car.
Within the HS-01 is even more amazing, in order to cope with the extreme performance the original as much as 571hp, the use of the XYZ made one forged calipers, and select the front 12 / rear 8 multi-piston design, direct disc to use it Currently the highest level of carbon fiber discs, front 400mm / rear 380mm dimensions directly HS-01 filled, with special carbon fiber brake pads, so even if there is no need to worry about driving on the road need to question whether the hot plate.

Drainage Mao carbon fiber disc brake pads and discs are generally afraid match does not match, it is likely to cause a hot plate slowly and low-speed braking force problem of poor road to XYZ with a good set of carbon fiber systems do not have this problem .
This is a two-piece forged aluminum ingots hub Disc raw materials, D2 Forge represents Disc raw material to finished product takes about 3-4 hours or so, do not produce more than a day has only 20 groups of Disc.


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