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Sportec S3

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It has long been familiar with is speeding car in the arena of AUDI ABT engineers often involved; MTM's main business is still concentrated in high-performance ECU replaceable body AUDI and VW's cars; REVO the use of OBT Ⅱ original ECU implantation of a special program and lead the VW, coilover suspension kit AUDI car taking the step to the performance of the valve. To find out if these three tuning compete with the length of a day, it comes as Sportec correct! Sportec advertised product catalog table-turning performance make immediate Sportec from Switzerland, AUDI accumulated years of experience in car modification: AUDI complete Car, complete Engine, aero kit, wheels, and even inside the car fine to fine jewelry business. The Sportec provided these products have 6 months to 24 months, or 20000KM to 100000KM ranging from the use of guarantee, more trustworthy!

In June 2006, is in front of the BMW 1 Series, M.BENZ A-Class models such guarantee competitiveness, AUDI launched based on the second generation A3 Sportback (Code 8P) of S3! The power system, sending S badge S3 A3 Sportback follows the 2.0FSI turbo machine, the difference is, the S-Line fully optimized 2.0 FSI from the original 200hp jumped to 265. AUDI S-Line with fine-tuned suspension system, A3, S3 both before and after the acceleration forces also different.

The story took place in the S3 body. Statistics show that currently Sportec for S3 2.0 FSI engine developed a double upgrade program: coilover kits uk just join Sportec unique electronic upgrade system (Electronic Upqrade) S3 can easily break the 265 horsepower of the original curve, with new look 300ps led S3 Beyond 250KM / H top speed seal. When you loose points at hand, but also the pursuit of the engine horsepower up to the point where the least bit reserved, then Sportec Stage 2 must be more to your heart water, Sportec Stage 2 version available specifically for export: a high-performance three-way catalytic converter, the / rear section exhaust, Electronic Upqrade etc; and for the Swiss version, there Sportec comprehensive local weather, traffic and other conditions written Sportkat, efficient exhaust system, Electronic Upqrade so on. Different versions of the final endpoint is a corresponding horsepower: 320ps / 5900rpm, 2800 led to the incredible turn over the 45kgm peak torque! High-powered Sportec S3 again to refresh 266KM / H top speed, 5.1 S complete accelerate enough 0 ~ 100KM / H of the body as people could not stop to Yang ......

Thoughtful S3 Sportec also offers a variety of different types of walking wheels, bucket seats and other interior compartment. Of course, for S3 inevitably play a decisive role in walking performance suspension kit, which also appears in the Sportec catalog table, can help the body's center of gravity by up to 35mm products, controlling weight transfer corners S3 has a great advantage, while for You provide a more delicate lane road feel. There is no opportunity for you to brake too inadequate security, because Sportec already find the best multi-piston brake system OEM manufacturers for you.


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