Advanced DIY, Peugeot 206

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Advanced DIY, Peugeot 206

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:57 pm

In recent years, we know through interviews before the printing of car modification, and many people, their own DIY conversion coating, handmade modified parts of the class are already commonplace, defects in the memory works at these DIY modifications or easy to find, tough Hand extent obvious. It is called the Advanced DIY, the high cost of parts and hand-build the precision is not too small, but "preliminary DIY" and "in-depth DIY" points, such as trip computer, although the owner is not completely rewrite their own, but how many can trip computer owners can read it yourself? coilover suspension kit The process of rewriting the trip computer is really a lot of anecdotal point conversion limitations of European car, if converted to write computer technician failed to visit the site as is (amplitude modification of the vehicle, condition, etc.) how many vehicles will be tuning unrealistic. In addition to this most vexing European car trip computer program is written, the owner voluntarily rewrite program gearbox (automatic transmission) is even more against the background of the owner of the pursuit of free and easy modification, through their own in-depth study, with lease back their own maintenance equipment write a set of characteristics of the output current situation the most suitable engine program, otherwise the original 4-speed automatic gearbox will greatly impede the normal functioning of the engine performance, this high degree of madness DIY modifications to the "free" is not the word to describe the owner too.

Remember the first time I saw this 206 in one afternoon, on the eve of the storm, she and I have black dark moment meet the ground, one by one, pearls of rain hit in the face aching, but I can not miss again with her in the pouring rain in the meet. Through HID headlamps light purple harness I vaguely saw the 206 purple clothes, that HID harness is like purple light emitted from the 206 who, looking ahead, the original has been replaced under the purple light carbon fiber engine cover, front carbon fiber flow around a wing blade and other parts of lightweight weapon, vehicle seemed full of energy. coilover kits uk

Lakaijumen, greeted by two striking BRIDE LOW MAX carbon fiber racing bucket seat, sitting immediately to reduce a large portion of which need not think of sitting in the bucket angle of 70 degrees with a look around to greet with the outside world, and this type of made a low center of gravity of the vehicle, of course, this is not necessarily coincide with the king of the corners of the practice, but business owners are dedicated, flexible corners restless ass Peugeot 206 under the seat if the vehicle can not compete with the lateral G-force that would be very regrettable. Co-pilot inside the glove box above lambs wool visor covering LV homemade horse hair color, the whole car door made of red and black checkered horse hair, etc., is the owner of DIY work carefully, and you may feel superfluous, but at least you can absorb some of the light, to know at noon, when the reflected light above the glove compartment will seriously affect the driver's line of sight, mirrors, front windshield and foreign objects "blend in" with this result was just the accumulation of some of the heat inside .


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