Wagon WRX modified

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Wagon WRX modified

Post by Admin on Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:10 pm

High-performance wagon, visibility is very low in the country, but it did, for example A4 wagon, RS6 super-wagon, SAAB 9-5 or the older ACCORD WAGON, CAMRY WAGON, etc., 240SX rods but do not amount to anything, sales less natural Visibility is low, but look abroad or neighboring areas, wagon wave gradually rise, in fact, the main reason is to use, and property damage parameters such as fuel consumption than the MPV, SUV is low, plus modified components are basically consistent with the ordinary car, so This trend is likely to spread to the country, so MODI also significant for everyone on this by SUBARU LEGACY WAGEN GT's high-performance wagon.

This generation LEGACY was published in 1998, which transfers even earlier than RV version, frame code BH5, using the same IMPREZA EJ20 engine displacement 1994cc, 4-cylinder horizontal on the design, which can effectively reduce the front of the center of gravity at the same time, the operation of the ride is also guaranteed. The car using parallel twin turbo engine in the form of fresh air, the original 260 horsepower car, use for everyday street use four-speed automatic transmission.

Exhaust systems do not have too many changes, just put TANABE, the strengthening aspect tail drum its main engines made for daily use, it is focused on the intake and exhaust systems, the original power output has reached 260, plus or automatic wave form, the owner demands be satisfied.

MX5 Coilovers Frame and control, the basic is certain specified actions: for example suspension, the original package has come from BILSTEIN suspension mechanism, supporting force is quite enough, but the owner or replace the high-performance spring from the STI; undercarriages, wheels aspects Use the AUTOWHEELS 18-inch product, with GOODYEAR German factories produced high-performance street tires GS-D3, high performance tires to test drive when I was impressed; there before strengthening frame from CUSCO strut tower front strut under the arm strengthening, such as after a chassis brace.


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