C4L ultimate task

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C4L ultimate task

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:17 am

Worldwide, C4L not only to compete with the Super Proton "technology pole position", but also with many models heavyweight competition for the market share; while in China, it also shoulders the help PSA Peugeot Citroen Group in China to achieve 8% market share in the task.
In specific terms of performance, this 1.6THP turbocharged engine equipped with performance C4L really outstanding, when the engine speed at 1400 rev / min, peak torque can be output 240N · m, and this torque can be maintained until the speed reaches 4000 rev / min, to ensure that the vehicles commonly used in the engine speed range can be obtained steady. At the same time, the maximum output power is reached 120k · W. So eye-catching performance ignition coils, so we have reason to believe that, with the Sagitar dynamic performance competition, C4L also able to gain the upper hand.
PSA project director responsible for global development C4L also revealed that at the same time have a high-performance power equipped, C4L inherited the traditional advantages of PSA in the chassis tuning, user-friendly technology and other aspects of the security configuration, which makes C4L from power, control to comfort and safety have reached a very high standard, with comprehensive and balanced product competitiveness engine crankshaft. It can be said, compared with the Sagitar, Hideo, Corolla and other heavyweight opponents C4L, has a unique competitive advantage.


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