Brake conversion errors

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Brake conversion errors

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:58 pm

I just entered the modification industry when converted technicians that time, H-beam Connecting Rods there was a set of car owners took AP Racing brakes kit to install our shop, the owner said this is his brakes specifically from Shenzhen back to back, claiming that steel brake hose, etc. Accessories are mix and match products, the quality is absolutely no problem. After use for some time, one day he came to our shop, said the brakes felt strange, when we remove the right front wheel, brake steel jets found to have taken place there is a bulge, feeling rupture at any time, which if high speed steel hose rupture suddenly when driving, the consequences will be unimaginable. Later, negotiations with the seller, for the two new steel hose, no recurrence of similar problems. Although we can not explain it all to mix and match parts quality problems, after all, mass-produced parts, will certainly be some defective product, but it was indicated that some mix and match parts of the quality inspection is not detailed enough, there are certain risks. In addition, it also tells us to always check the brake system and found that there is a problem and quickly fix. connecting rods

A friend of mine would say, a lot of well-known brands of brake kit, some other brands of OEM parts are also some brands do not produce steel throat and bridge site, only businesses or their own match. Yes, these are indeed the current market conditions brake conversion. First, with regard to well-known brands of accessories OEM brake it, in fact, consumers can buy at ease, no matter who the foundry, the ultimate responsibility is certainly attributed to label brands that have their own quality standards and inspection standards to Generation OEM factory. forged conrods And on those who do not produce steel throat and bridge site brand, everyone in the mix of other branded products, they must find some relatively well-known brands, to ensure that the guarantee of quality, or else all day in fear, might as well do not change, after all modified brake in order to enhance performance, so that the vehicle's performance is getting better.


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