Modified exhaust variable valve system

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Modified exhaust variable valve system

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 29, 2015 4:33 pm

Straight-through exhaust
Another design principle straight out exhaust and back-pressure exhaust instead, it more to take care of the engine exhaust in high speed performance, tend to have heavier and more direct exhaust pipe and remove the exhaust end, allowing exhaust fumes to faster through the exhaust pipe, so as to achieve the goal of high performance exhaust. The advantages of natural exhaust flow, high speed and torque of the engine is strong. Engine Parts

Straight out exhaust usually carried in some high performance cars and racing it, modifications parts such as some high performance cars have strong power output, intake and exhaust are very large, so it requires very high exhaust efficiency. Linear large-diameter pipes, tail more throat and a loud exhaust noise is their common characteristics.

And this exhaust of shortcomings also very of obviously, completely no consider engine in low speed Shi on back pressure of need (especially small displacement engine), and also has is straight out exhaust structure more simple, performance parts especially in tail paragraph silencer Shang more is obviously, makes of often will issued more heated of exhaust noise, and this noise often is some hobby passion driving of friends by like of, but this noise will on not too like it of people caused troubles.


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