Twin booster steel car

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Twin booster steel car

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:41 pm

Intake and exhaust duct aspect also create their own filtering aspect of the HKS mushroom head blessing, after the wind sucked pressurization system applying pressure, and then flows through the cold into the intake manifold of the front end of the ad hoc set airbox ensure throttle sensitivity under intense manipulation; the exhaust gas is based on self-welded frame, match "goods" shaped exhaust tail tip, the hot exhaust gas quickly discharged with the shortest possible route. Laser rods

The power transmission is still responsible for that station, "quietly," the 5-speed manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive only by the precursor into a set, compared to reduce the burden of steering wheels underneath, plus bold axle etc. related to strengthening enough to withstand its target 480Ps power tear on tires.

Although with a strong power, but because of its own weight and has little relationship quality distribution ratios used in the brake systems AP Racing 5200 of the top four after four calipers sufficient to cope; walking system is the use of 17-inch forged wheels aspects + AD08R half melt tire combination.

Housing side, is directly applied to the classic square head Jetta shell as a base, designed to improve the aerodynamics of its wide-body set, and in the region bear little effort to steal a considerable degree of light; also because the engine's rear seat area mid into the engine compartment, with ventilation heat set thermal influence on the isolation of the engine driver; can also find its huge opening bonnet open after not like goods, but for the front of the tank dedicated to the opening of a direct ramp above the high-speed channel heat away, this way, my mother no longer have to worry about me and the engine will be hot in the car died. saab 9-3 turbocharger

Built-in aspect, such as car seats, four-point harness, racing steering wheel, protective safety nets, power switches, etc. safety equipment is essential, simply add a few pieces of carbon fiber panels inside a metal cage became naked cockpit tone, and weight loss and all the security services.

Overall, wherein the rear drive + dual plenum + DIY combination steel body somewhat "shaking" means in the country, although compared with the development of car culture has long European and American countries similar works, there is a certain distance, but details of which still have a lot of worthy of note, it can be described as part of a dream round the heart of the people. I believe that both the author and or other domestic car enthusiasts also hope good speed and other manufacturers in the future to bring more surprises.


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