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T - Business car

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Although T3 same car models for the campers, but in the specifications, there is not a small difference, Exhaust Manifold one on the outside the body may also be slightly clues, such as a significant difference in appearance is no dedicated external hole in the car EURO This feature, open the passenger compartment closer look at the original design of the cabin did not camping utensils as standard equipment, the only standard is camping in small refrigerator, but some differences with this new type of 12V refrigerator, freezer factory before using 220V will need to use its internal frozen, then re-use car 12V DC function to maintain a constant temperature, which is also the US regulatory camping car fridge have great differences, but even so the refrigerator temperature effect of conventional design still rosy . Ignition Coils

But the most curious is that the same author as the storage cabinet system, but whether to open the way and counter design are completely different, do Americans and Germans on habits have such a big difference in sex? In addition, we Debaofusi head based T3 models do the same with a modest stream of articles, the first body on the left side of the slide-type transom shift to Joke push-transom, at 90 degrees and pushed outward Breathable range area makes car air convection better, I think this car at the time of the honeymoon for cooking should be able to provide better exhaust efficiency. Air Suspension Bag The high-top camper chair is its unique position, covering and comfort the seat of the superior general seats, general T3 front seats of cars and not fully lie flat, so the use of the relatively limited. Also front disc T3 models are configured vintage drum brake design is also more than church members work together under development for VAG cars to flow with the article, which also makes the braking force can effectively enhance braking but also to reduce the subsequent additional consumables costs.


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