A4 Avant horsepower upgrade

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A4 Avant horsepower upgrade

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:27 pm

This section of the A4 Avant red certainly no stranger to you, and become a reputation for its strength has more than four hundred, and this car front while another power upgrade again, and to enhance the range of up to 30hp hp. Turbocharger

Also for 2.0TFSI intensive, forged pistons and adapted connecting rod section H, let the engine more robust internal and original 10.3: 1 compression ratio slightly decreased to 9.5: 1, early modified TD06SH-20G turbines, creating maximum horsepower of 420hp, and this car in terms of power output has doubled this increase, but the owners want to squeeze higher efficiency of the engine and then decided to dress up Zage T67-25G turbines. Will boost the value is set to 1.5bar, estimate horsepower has come to 450hp, and modification Tial wastegate turbo pressure to make more stable. Most other parts of the same as before, such as a large GReddy Type-R Front Intercooler, help intake rapid cooling, the new alliance handcrafted titanium whole section of the exhaust pipe, in addition to improving smoothness exhaust, cooling rate Fast addition, more lightweight advantages. turbo for after

For owners TD06SH-20G turbine created by the 420hp still not satisfied, modification Zage T67-25G let horsepower turbines get promoted again.

Huge T67-25G create maximum horsepower 450hp, so that such a large station wagon takes only 11.2 seconds of time can accelerate from 100km / h to 200km / h, seen 2.0TFSI amazing potential for conversion. aftermarket turbo

Plasma modified ignition amplifier ignition efficient engine explosion strengthen allow better efficiency, to enhance the power of no small help.

Titanium exhaust pipe from the new alliance manual welding system not only effectively enhance the exhaust efficiency, a huge double tube shape quite lethal.
The whole car modified Caractere aero, the A4 Avant's appearance of the entire armed, let the wagon more murderous.


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