BMW 320 6MT (E90)

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BMW 320 6MT (E90)

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:40 pm

Car, might be seen as a means of transport, Karl Benz had too much to believe the purpose of the invention is to facilitate the travel needs of people, but in its development today, a hundred years later, the car has not simply as a kinds of transport appeared in front of people, but precisely because of its diversity, but is treated as a personal representative, what car you drive can often reflect your personal values ??and aesthetics. I do not know when to begin, the car and the woman put a hook covered the film, show, posters, etc., beside a great power of the car is always a beautiful place as a foil, the author of this not discriminate against women, but the car is car, a purely mechanical original charm, especially modified cars, babes without androgen beside distribute vividly enough!

Recently, the network appeared invincible models seems a bit monotonous, Peugeot Crankshaft or is Silvia, or is BMW, oddly enough, the recent emergence of many new code E90 three series of modified cars, but almost all of the modifications that the finished product are derived from imported 320 six-speed manual models, then again, in the modified car in the world, manual model has been so popular. The same is true for 320 visits, but the owners are not using the most common HAMANN or AC, LUMMA, but chose the more strange people come festooned KERSCHER.

Our art director whim, Nissan Crankshaft hoping to make a series of black and white performance of this conversion was so complete E90, it is very special, a set of aero KERSCHER from Germany, and with eighteen-inch BBS wheels, ground clearance, although just enough by a pack of cigarettes, but the shooting is surprisingly introduction, the entire filming process took nearly three hours, and braved the drizzle, in order to publicize our hard photographer who first brought before a lot of hormones Meal!


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