Modified Lexus IS 200

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Modified Lexus IS 200

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:03 pm

In addition, there is a four-cylinder engine after implantation unexpected benefit 3S-GE, Mitsubishi Exhaust Manifold which is equipped with front weight compared to the original 1G-FE engine 20 kg lighter, expressed in accordance with modified 3S-GE owners, IS 200 before and after the original double A-arm chassis systems strengthening moderate performance in the mountain of the already good, then replaced by a four-cylinder 3S-GE from the six-cylinder engine, handling performance throughout the entire lot of improvement, especially in the corners points of the reaction becomes very flexible, that did not like this bulky size four-door car. However 3S-GE eventually naturally aspirated engine displacement under the premise does not raise the torque output is weak is an indisputable fact that it has the engine torque is 22.0kgm, in 2000c.c. Level from the engine can only be considered to have level, but still slightly less, we can only rely on high to low speed output to make up for the shortcomings of poor. Another benefit implanted 3S-GE is the integrity of the vehicle, because the sundial version Altezza already having with this engine, and therefore the vehicle's engine foot completely without any modification straight on, then plug RS200 computer After to complete, while the text implant 3S-GE car owners closer to the computer into fully substituted Power FC to adjust, refit complete a very high degree.

RS 200 mounted on the 3S-GE, the original and has a maximum power output of 210hp, with a six-speed manual transmission transmission system, Hill's favorite riders this engine is definitely a considerable value choice.

If too 3S-GE IS enough to see that the owner, there is another choice, that is the Toyota four-cylinder machine Ming 3S-GTE. Peugeot Turbocharger If you choose to post-type 3S-GTE engine, maximum power can come to 260 horsepower and torque output of about 30 kgm, the book may seem not so beautiful, but 3S-GTE cast iron body quality is quite robust, in the original belly within the premise suite, to increase the turbines, improving the way boost the value can be raised to a maximum output of about 350 horsepower batch, and brought mountain running has been very good enough. The IS 200 can be implanted 3S-GTE 3S- GE not so easy, because Japanese regulations Altezza cars did not carry it with 3S-GTE turbo engine and originally equipped with this engine models with either front or in the home, are all transverse engine design, to the original transverse engine transplant in 200 IS longitudinal engine design, but takes a lot of effort, in addition to engine foot need to make a transfer seat, the car must also be part of the station some changes, in addition, intake manifold flow must be modified with 3S-GE Original product line to replace the 3S-GTE group together items, so to be able to successfully complete the implant works.


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