BMW E92 M3 Tuning

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BMW E92 M3 Tuning

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:17 pm

Always let fans relish M Power and AMG the two old enemies. But after the C63 with greater displacement and power on stage, M3 high speed underpowered vulnerable completely revealed, and thus the owners forced off the idea of ​​supercharging, in ESS supercharger impose the basis set 0.6bar , the maximum dynamic 550hp more sufficient moment to tear C63 AMG. S13 Coilovers

E92 M3 ESS supercharger conversion is not what is already big news, but the way to use the body mashup modification, which is not only a test of technical strength converted stores, and on stability and durability are the focus of follow-up worth watching. Option introduced this past called ESS VT1 supercharger kit, although this is only for the M3 ESS Starter Edition vehicles launched power, but the high-performance V8 with heart (S65B40) capable of high performance naturally aspirated engine elevated to a higher realm of dynamic performance, but because the owners did not complete the entire set of subscription packages, in the absence of part of the components including the control program MSS60 ECU supercharged intake broth angle to be done to detail the case of modification, alteration shops only each subsequent modification can overcome problems. Due to the lack of a dedicated computer element control, modify the store for this problem first repeal the original 8 Bosch Motorsport fuel injectors, particularly changes to the external 550c.c. × 2 plus 440c.c. × 2 injectors, intake pipe from the road oil and gas mixture to the combustion chamber of each cylinder in order to maintain optimum air-fuel ratio to retain, in addition to the effective control of the external fuel injectors and other hardware for motion control, through continued testing the final selection of Japanese e-Manage external computer for processing. ECU program for the computer side is formed by the Superchips be written, with a new revision supply, ignition timing and readjust VANOS, boost the value set in the next 0.6Bar basis, the actual maximum power output up to 550hp. MX5 Adjustable Coilovers

Because of the owners ordered ESS supercharger kit is not complete, the stores were converted to this end for the inlet angle broth, ECU computer programs, and other e Manage computer and plug nozzle re-combinations, so not only add to the difficulty of construction, on It has yet to be the test of time in terms of integrity.


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