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May be a lot like the car or even get to know people on EGL Ares the words should be heard countless times, whether it is from any media, are likely to see the word, but when talking about EGL Ares exactly why the myth, I believe that only it can understand the deep talent to his right, but in order to personally see it invincible figure, then it must be on the track it. K0422-582

A whole new generation of R35 GT-R and R34, R33 or R32 comparison, in addition to taillights and body proportions retains the classic shape than other parts of the past is hard to see what relevance BNR era, it is precisely because So, Nissan GT-R will only independence from Skyline cars out, it has become a supreme performance flagship sports car, rather Skyline cars in high-performance version.

Dry carbon fiber front bumper not only make the front weight has been reduced, optimized aerodynamics, but also with vehicle paint.

But even so, R35 GT-R still has the appearance of Mars-like gas field, as in front of this R35 GT-R race car, K0422-582 Turbocharger bus body with a superior team this year a new nickname painting, black lines with conspicuous radial explosion orange, both in the Pit room or the track, the recognition level is very high. This R35 GT-R with the change in appearance is not obvious, but necessary changes still to be carried out, put on a new front bumper style and material used "dry carbon fiber," weight than ordinary carbon fiber also lightweight, and most of the board members have also put the body material is relatively lightweight fiber material to build, such as the hood, fender, trunk lid, etc., all vehicles except for the front windshield can all put the acrylic material glass, vehicle weight has been further reduced, of course, at the top of the boot of a pair of big GT will appear to provide full tail fin under pressure, while the diffuser below the rear bumper also appears as should appear about position, so that, EGL Ares armor is considered armed to the teeth, then we must look arms and hearts will in the hands of the.


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