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Mad Max Modified cars

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:37 pm

Ford Falcon, Ford Australia designs and manufactures full-size cars, car sales miracle in the history of Australia, more than 40 years sold more than 3 million, big and cheap is the biggest feature of this car. More than half of the market, almost all taxis in Australia this model, once the car is the policeman of the standard, but in recent years because the decline in research and development, plus has not launched small-displacement version, one hundred kilometers closer to 20 liters of fuel and energy saving contrary, it has been showing faint decadent state. engine parts uk
Ford Falcon currently marketed mainly in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. All models are developed using Ford Australia's Barra engine, based on the Ford E8 platform construction, is currently driving a full-size luxury car after Ford unique platform still in use, the mainstream models with inline six-cylinder engine of Barra, depending on the launch time, fuel ( where there are two different native LPG fuel) and the availability of turbocharged power ranging from 156KW to 310KW, the displacement of both 4.0L. Some models use the 5.4L V8 gasoline engine are arranged.
All the models are all rear-drive, has a very good performance and handling, while the car is notoriously durable, can be seen everywhere on the streets for 20 years or even 30 years of age Falcon car in Hurricane. In the countryside, the UTE (similar pickup) version is there are many examples of over 40 years of age of the vehicle is still in service.

Although the car body size is very large, but because of rear-drive architecture plus longitudinal inline four-cylinder engine needs to occupy a very large space, in fact, its interior space and there is no advantage. adjustable coilovers
The past 20 years of mechanical design major car did not change dramatically, the market all kinds of parts is adequate, it is exceptionally cheap repair, this car called the Australia Santana.

The Gigahorse: immortal Joe unique vehicle, has been likened to the director as "throne", it consists of two 1959 Cadillac Dili Granville assembly formed, equipped with two eight-cylinder engine.

As immortal Joe's car, Dili Granville is the best choice, of course, a symbol of supreme power and position, you know the President of the United States Army One is the Cadillac Dili Granville converted from.
As for the two cars in one shape, small guess this created a higher rear vision but also a symbol of the old Joe rights.
The film plebeians shouted "immortal Joe" always felt like our ancient subjects praised the emperor, "Long live Long live Long live" like that feeling.


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