Chemical Reaction Nissan Sil-15-80

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Chemical Reaction Nissan Sil-15-80

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:31 pm

In fact, starting from the S12, the history of interior design models are very similar, of course, this means roughly similar design, if on the civilian population of the sports car, Silvia design is very Japanese-oriented, 180SX Camber Plate very sports car. Low sitting position, very strong package power bucket seats, a pair of embroidered on 180SX models this word bucket; the central instrument panel of the same size are placed two big round tables, although many people think this dashboard design It is no character, but it can be said that the traditional things that are very useful, both great circle design is very convenient for browsing; inclination is not too much of the center console, stereo, air conditioning mention. Owners have put on from NARDI wood steering wheel, looks though a bit nostalgic, but by no means inferior to its popularity that people familiar with the brand; DEFI the BF instrument is indispensable, and in which the water temperature and oil temperature gauge are used Cutting installation, integrity is very good.

Such hybrid conversion Dafa Invincible appeared on the Internet is not much, not to say no, and soon there will be another one the same as the Nissan hybrid modified car reports, 200SX Camber Plate or to secrecy it! Hybrid reform law is very particular about the models, but also in the global modification culture where a small branch, however, different in the past "VIP runaway" modified the way we often introduce these hybrid vehicles in particular, apart from in appearance, their sports performance is very prominent, many of them to replace the engine (Completed Engine) or severe transformation and so on. Or perhaps have people scratching their heads at one appearance, but have loved Feng Chi electric speed, he became the owners of these modified creed and unique personality.


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