Top Secret Toyota Supra (JZA80)

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Top Secret Toyota Supra (JZA80)

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:11 pm

This station is naturally aspirated version Supra original US regulations, the performance is not high, and even low-level engine is the most 2JZ-FE, only 220 horsepower. Tuners car falls into the hands of nature is abandoned Turbo NA and take, T25 turbocharger and put on a sundial in the early edition of the 2JZ -GTE (no VVT-i system), because in the converted's perspective, no VVT- i interference when the modification will reduce the difficulty of that adjustment is also relatively simple, and even choose modification parts will be more, so there is not necessarily such a system demands for modification help. Although the use of pre-version of the engine, but later versions of the gearbox is six-speed model V161 (prev. V160), which look basically the same, but the gear ratio V161 is more suitable for large horsepower modification, but the quality is also good.

V161 six-speed gearbox, gear ratios were: 3.724,2.246,1.541,1.205,1.000,0.818 final pass of 3.266. (V160 is: 3.827,2.360,1.685,1.312,1.000,0.793, and finally pass identical).
Main shaft diameter 60mm, replace those who believe a more favorable carbon fiber shaft power transmission.

Previous article already mentioned, horsepower is calculated based on the Japanese model for the calculation of flywheel point, that is, the concept of net power, if power is transmitted to the wheels, generally 25% of the calculated loss, so the efficiency of the transmission system a direct impact on the output wheel horsepower, so, Japan has a large transmission performance brands. This Supra For this reason, and after passing corresponding segments required when driving force, the replacement of the three-piece clutch ORC principal. GT2860 turbocharger

In addition, those in front of the engine pulley facelift, in fact, can be considered one of the transmission system retrofit project, after all, reduce the burden of the crankshaft, the power efficiency is necessary. Refurbisher for this can change the pulley fully replaced, products from TRUST and ATI.


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