Slightly modified Audi S5

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Slightly modified Audi S5

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:32 pm

Slender body, graceful curves, strong power and low-key appearance of the Audi has been the essence of each series, each model can put these features to show up perfectly! As the younger generation in the Audi family, the Audi S5 in market position in the two-door coupe that grade, both close to the people and fashion, not only has a steady temperament calm, sophisticated and sporty dynamic mania. S5 can be more low-key and the "breakthrough technology to enlighten the future" brand concept interpretation of the head a high profile at different places at different times by the same car to the extreme expression, Audi is certainly outstanding design and superior manufacturing processes. exhaust manifolds for sale

S5 still continued in the design of vertical grille S Series models, on the left side of the net affixed to highlight the performance and status of the S5 logo, with four laps the Audi logo each other. The front face full of noble sports atmosphere, the bright spot in the two rows of LED indicator lights and wide tears formula, became a symbol of the Audi family car configuration. Side mirrors bilateral front body uses different silver body paint, but also highlight its distinctive, flamboyant design. Original it is equipped with 245/40 R18 tires to highlight its outstanding sports performance. Rear can be said to be "Zhuyuanyurun" as pleasing, so the tail is designed to create the perfect balance to the high weight of the front. Original features four exhaust tail pipes, perfect wave of motorists even more so emotionally hearing passers impact.

"Extreme martial arts, sword Dragon, orders the world, not from Mogan, no Heaven, tuning parts and who compete peak!" Hearing these words, the Lion King image handheld Dragon sword will emerge in front of civil and military , Celcom Bo Jason is full of hot requirements of life, but also full of loss and anger, and ultimately worthy of ups and downs, "Extreme martial arts," the title! Xiao Bian today to bring a slight modification of the Audi S5, a special gold metallic paint is like a blond, strong power like the one unparalleled in the world of martial arts, the Audi S5 "Lion King" is born.

As "Extreme martial arts" is bound everyone wants its "contest" for something, S5 is no exception, MTM, ABT, Senner, RIEGER, JE and other major companies have launched for conversion of S5 ECU, aero and supporting parts upgrades, which allow motorists to be dazzled. The so-called "intention of suffering embodied the optimism, term Qunfang jealousy." Modification is the same, not the same with the secular, as long as their satisfaction, regardless of others vision. S5 only did this change the whole car paint, wheel replacement, replacement of three modified exhaust. Although the project small, but very delicate, just right.


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