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425ps public SAGITAR

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:03 pm

Recently, the Volkswagen Jetta launched two JETTA (domestic Sagitar) modified models in the United States SEMA show; including FMS Automotive modified white Jetta Racer's Dream, and the 1989 Jetta GLI special edition tribute to Helios Blue Helios GLI two versions.

JETTA among white in appearance with a bar with the new side skirts and bilateral single former Golf R in the exhaust, seems to want to tell us that it is by no means a like goods. As mentioned earlier, this white Jetta Racer's Dream and did not let us down, dynamic, upgraded ECU and turbo kits allow power jumped to 425 horsepower, which is the stage for a drive is concerned, not a good thing, so the application of multi-piston Brembo brakes and tires NITTO NT05 effectively reduce unrest.

425 horsepower, yet I do not know what the specific use retrofit kits, but VW modification should not escape a few bars.
TSW Jerez wheels hidden inside one pair of Brembo four-piston brake kit, ready to hold down this little beast. GT1749V turbocharger
And another is a tribute blue JETTA Helios Special Edition 1989 Jetta GLI, so do not be too much change, a set of 19-inch wheels, follow the Golf R models brakes, Recaro bucket seats, metal pedals, etc. so compared to white JETTA too low-key, low-profile vehicle.

Racing Refit Sagitar
Remember the Golf GTI has just landed in the domestic import, when the phrase "chasing me? Unless GTI" slogan caused quite a stir for several reasons, first of all in this country has no real performance before a small steel in the strict sense Cannon, Golf GTI can be considered truly opened up people's perceptions of small steel gun, followed by the phrase slightly provocative words also caused a lot of performance over the GTI model was the owner of the doubt, GTI really that strong? But it is undeniable, as the one to promote the slogan, advertising slogan itself is a success, but with the development of the domestic industry's conversion, have a lot of models of the conversion program can tease some pit father of six generations of domestic original Golf GTI, even This time the teacher out of the door of his brother, has also been beyond the GTI's capital, and can be thrown like a joke, "Catch me? GTI the game." seat leon turbocharger

First, look to see such a fight, I believe you guess pretty close, and this is a track Sagitar and build, a full exterior surround kits are tailored by the LRC Racing Club, in a suitable stadium for the purpose of generally retaining the original style, while adding a wide-body design, no fancy shape, but full of war.


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