Nissan GT-R modified

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Nissan GT-R modified

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:58 pm

Power system
Car GT-R's engine compartment is like a factory-set look like, but there's been altered. After changes 1000cc injectors, fuel pump, and after the widening reach of 76mm intake manifold, for already 540 horsepower output 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine, it is a very good reinforcement measures to further enhance the engine horsepower output. Since the R35 GT-R series debut enhance horsepower aspects uninterrupted, on the one hand it can be seen in terms of the Nissan GT-R's expectations are constantly expanding, Miata Coilovers on the other hand it seems only major depot similar overall trend But overall, the depot now to enhance vehicle performance, not just with engine power upgrade, more is to further adjust the chassis side, the earlier part of the chassis is also the author describes the GT-R continuous improvement Bilstein shock absorbers especially known for handling sports car, a congenital condition chassis is very important to do this late conversion even more handy.

From the bottom of the vehicle at a glance GT-R exhaust system, exhaust pipe is bifurcation is consolidated, and which includes a curved handle several places, one of which is that the slightly curved tail gearbox to avoid, the theory the exhaust efficiency will have a weakening effect, but wins in the exhaust pipe diameter is formidable, 350Z Coilovers with an absolute factors make large diameter down to a very low value. Before the middle fork of the exhaust pipe diameter 75.5mm, while the diameter of the fork after the 82.1mm, go out to the rear of the tail pipe orifice diameter is reached 115.8mm, has such a unique hardware facilities, GT-R's natural forceful and loud voice.

COBB Accessport 650 kit program
The modified list also includes the extent of computer COBB Accessport 650 kit to adjust the parameters of the GT-R, the system gives a total of eight different ways to adjust. The user can select a different tuning modes under different scenarios, such as on the track to select a more aggressive mode, and the usual daily street driving more moderate mode is selected, or when users go to the oil quality is relatively the lower region, but also to find the corresponding adjustment mode. There is also a bright spot where, when users living in different places and they do not know how to adjust the car, but in this case, Accessport computer system can be achieved by remote control to adjust the vehicle to ensure that users can not panic and call out own desired vehicle performance.


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