Desert Driving Tips

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Desert Driving Tips

Post by Admin on Wed May 27, 2015 5:29 pm

Zhengzhou Nissan driver selection of activities to participate in this year's "big off-road" Chinese Cross Country Rally has been carried out to the fourth and final round (remember before the third round it?), I had the opportunity of tracking the event In these riders from the private sector from morning till evening a few days, I was impressed by their upbringing, but also for their superb driving skills impressed, 325is Camber Plates while I believe this to share their stories, while they tell you through desert Driving tips, you can bring the harvest.

Start: from a not afford two
Desert start the vehicle, the first to follow the "one can not afford to play two" principle, if the first start is not successful, do not force continues to try again a second time, because if forced to continue the tires will be very easy to "digging"; Then you need to get off to check to see whether it needs to reverse, or a little dig at the sand barrier of tires and then continue to start. Do not place the throttle scratch sand, this will only deeper and deeper.

Parking: stop stop on
When circumstances require parking desert driving experience, choose a parking position is critical to follow the "stop stop" principle. That in the dunes parking, the front must be directed at the downhill direction, so that the vehicle can be started again by gravity make it easier to start a car to the oil can go. If you stop uphill position, then it will be a disservice when gravity, so you start to become more difficult, especially vehicle power is not very full when the more obvious.

Desert road in the center of gravity control BMW E46 Camber Plates
Driving in the desert, a lot of time rollover accident occurred because the driver's control of the center of gravity of the vehicle did not do, so that the driver had a fear, resulting rescue vehicle behavior, then action will be deformed by car, it is impossible to play all the capabilities of the driver. Therefore, it must be clear desert driving in the car and not in control of the truth to save the car.


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