TopSecret 300ps 4A-FE engine

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TopSecret 300ps 4A-FE engine

Post by Admin on Thu May 21, 2015 5:27 pm

For TopSecret believe this brand without much introduction, in Japan for the production of high-powered monster modified cars the most well-known, the annual production of a Skyline V35, V8 twin-turbo system with the challenge of Germany recorded the steepest unlimited speed roads, I believe we have We heard of; the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon, but the Toyota Century on top limousine code 1GZ-FE's V12 engine with twin turbo system and a new concept of aero package for the long-discontinued Supra replaced with a new color . The Invincible network launched nationwide starting TopSecret specifically for the domestic launch of the Yaris up to 300 output a finished product (Completed Engine) to our readers. 180SX coilovers

After this TopSecret overhaul of engines has not yet opened, but the box has been Splendid moment, especially the golden valve chamber cover, but stole the show. Because this engine is designed specially produced for the domestic market, finding relevant information in the data in the factory, so this can only say I'm sorry, but the message can get just the body's members have all been replaced, the compression ratio also of about 8, with the turbo system is that even for the huge V system, believe TopSecret technology, this engine modification is not much difficulty, reliability can be assured.

This engine is not a separate entity, in addition to the engine to see this body, including the gearbox and its internal reordered gear ratio gear sets (2,3,4 gear), the torque distribution control within the curve LSD, as well as a complete line of engine control group, and ultimately, also includes a computer unit, and so on. WRX Coilovers

After reading such a luxury suite after a power and transmission, imagine the power of 300 Yaris will be how the terror, more importantly, whether complete or durability of well-known manufacturers have to ensure that, daily use of which can be relieved . However, perhaps the reader is most concerned about is the price, the whole dress down for such models VITZ be very expensive, I believe such a system can be set to change the three original new car. Of course, product providers can also purchase other readers Completed Engine, do not forget VQ35DE, K20A, 2JZ-GTE is TopSecret transformation strengths.


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