BMW N20B20 engine

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BMW N20B20 engine

Post by Admin on Fri May 15, 2015 4:35 pm

Naturally aspirated engine linear acceleration feeling and dripping high revolutions have always been talked about. 180SX Camber Plate And when the booster increasingly powerful machines, higher fuel efficiency to carve a lot of naturally aspirated existing market, the emergence of the Chamber confrontation. BMW engine uses a new generation of supercharged engine, this once naturally aspirated hardcore fans move against seemingly hurt a lot of BMW fans heart. N20B20 ENGINE low-power and high-power version, mounted on a standard wheelbase 320i and 328i, this presentation is a high-power version. Lift altar once straight six engine now to be discarded, this kid coming supercharging what excels it?

In fact, BMW is not pressurized outsider art, dating back to 1973, BMW 2002 turbo engine is Europe's first mass-produced turbine engine. Accumulated years of development experience, BMW turbocharged engine in research and development can be described as very much at home. N20 series engines can be said to focus on the BMW high-precision technology and processes all four-cylinder turbo engine, powered by the public and the BMW straight six engine is comparable, but the fuel consumption rate of return obtained is even higher.

N20 Engine Technical Features silvia Camber Plate
Variable intake and exhaust valve timing system (double Vanos)
The valve is usually driven by the engine camshaft, the variable valve timing technologies without conventional engine, the inlet and outlet are opened and closed in phase are fixed, but the fixed valve timing Shique difficult to taking into account the needs at different engine speeds and operating conditions. For example low rpm and high-rpm best valve overlap angle difference between up to 50 degrees. Variable valve timing system is to change the valve timing and the birth of technology. Like other automakers variable valve timing system drive mode, Vanos also through the solenoid valve to control the oil, into the variable angle pulley oil chamber, thereby changing the angle of the camshaft with respect to the timing gear, enabling the valve phase advance or delay a continuous variable. In other words, the engine "breathe" better fit the rhythm of the engine itself, in different conditions has the right amount of intake air.


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