Bilstein B12 / B14 Shock Absorbers

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Bilstein B12 / B14 Shock Absorbers

Post by Admin on Mon May 11, 2015 4:59 pm

And this B14 dampers also uses monocular inverted structure, and the cylinder core with the progressive short Eibach springs, in addition, a higher center of gravity of the original Fox's body, high center of gravity will cause the vehicle to become unstable at high speed state, different shock absorbers B12, B14 has cutter teeth adjustment, you can make the new Fox lowest lower body 40mm, will also reduce the body's lower center of gravity, effectively improve vehicle stability at high speed. But again, B14 shock no damping adjustment function, but after repeated Bilstein real vehicle test and a road test many times, it has been the damping adjusted to the appropriate position, without further adjustment of the player again. seat leon turbocharger

This is the B14 Bilstein shock absorbers, it is monocular inverted design, with cutter teeth, can reduce the body, damping terms are fixed, but the factory front suspension, Bilstein engineers have for the deployment of a suitable damping.

Shock absorbers in the suspension system is very important that these two are not the same brand of shock absorbers with damping adjustment, GT1749V turbocharger and many fans believe the primary conversion start having to buy a cutter tooth adjustment, damping adjustments, etc. Function suspension kit, small series is not to say they are bad, but for some junior players, yet they lack the skills damping adjustment, if adjusted properly, significantly affect the characteristics of the shock absorbers, or even damage to a supporting good shock absorbers, plus cohabitation Chinese conversion market, there are many stores do not have the modified shock absorbers tuned skills of all brands, then we need to think again, you choose an adjustable damping the shock absorbers to the novice master, or choose a good suspension kit has been adjusted it? The answer is the latter.


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